Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A little tutorial if you're new to geocaching.

I was asked some weeks ago to explain in more detail what I do exactly when I go out geocaching.  I didn't take the time, sorry!  Recently I read via FB that my cousin Carl and his family out in scorching AZ have turned on their GPS and now another cousin back home in Michigan is interested trying it out, so I decided to sit down and write something up and posted some pictures since I'm more a visual learner myself.  After all that, I posted the darn thing in the wrong blog! 

I do have a geocaching blog called The Cache Checkers, which is my username at the website, that I posted our hunts at, but I found it was too much work to go between both blogs.  Even though you can find my old stories at this blog, I decided to just post everything here, On Top of Mt. Laundry (and boy has the mountain appeared bigger these days!) instead of over there.  I can't just copy and paste what I wrote because I lose all my pictures, so instead, here is the link to my defunct blog and my sought after entry.

Get out and enjoy! Go Geocaching!! A tutorial.

Hope it helps you to understand this interesting hobby!


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