Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My simple and thoughful New Year Resolutions

Rather than focusing on one or two major New Year Resolutions like losing weight or going sky diving (you have me considering it, Karyn!), my plan is to approach every day with anticipation, humility and with a passion I've been lacking.

Growing older does bring about a certain awareness, and although I don't regret or want to change things I‘ve done with my life, I recognize now there is more I can do. What I’ve come up with are straightforward and easy, but also wonderful and definitely life changing for me. My list seems short and simple, but the words are true of my heart.

These resolutions aren’t intended to last just this one year, but my lifetime. They will help me move closer to being comfortable and happier with me and when I feel the satisfaction and fulfillment of a blessed life, I will have better tools to help my boys find it for themselves.

Therefore, this year will bring whatever I choose and I choose to stop doing what I’ve been doing and to stop accepting what I’ve been accepting. It’s time for more and it starts with these simple, thoughtful and personal resolutions:
  • Love my boys unconditionally
  • Save a little extra money
  • Keep learning how to use my voice when the bullies taunt
  • Believe I’m not the person I was
  • Celebrate more and worry less
  • Call my family whenever they're on my mind
  • My parents spent a small fortune on braces, so show the results more
  • Do one act of kindness daily
  • Love who I am
  • Recognize the demons before it’s too late
  • Make new friends
  • Refuse to allow shame back into my life
  • Cut off my anxiety before it grows roots
  • Feel my worth all the way down to my toes
  • Greet every new sunrise with a smile
Seeing that I haven't posted a blog since October first, maybe I should put on there to update you all in detail more often!